Terms of Use

All that in Selling Best Goods diary that contains Arabic and foreign contents accessible for all, however before you utilize something within the diary you ought to} browse terms of use or use agreement and that they area unit solely points all diary guests must follow to avoid issues and facilitate one another to continue within the means.

Conditions of use and dissemination of the contents of:
1- you're not allowed to use diary content in misappropriated.
2- you're not allowed to use diary content in a very means that get to Allah and if it used i am The innocence of it.

Liability evacuation:

The method of use of the contents of merchandiser merchandise on-line diary is at your own responsibilities, we have a tendency to don't take any penalties or legal liabilities, all you've got to try to to to avoid any consequences is to follow the laws of this Convention, and is simply an easy points to preserve our rights and pleases Allah and admit U.S.A. to paradise and highest paradise next to the prophets and therefore the righteous, Amen.

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