vendredi 1 mai 2020

iHeartRaves Seamless Face Mask and Mouth Cover Bandanas for Dust

by Amazon

iHeartRaves Seamless Face Mask and Mouth Cover
One of the best selling products in Men's Novelty Bandanas

* ORIGINAL DESIGNS: Our handkerchief masks are entirely designed by iHeartRaves. You do not have the right to make such an identical product.

* 100% polyester microfiber, 0.7 "high, 14" wide.

* Stretchy size - The iHeartRaves mask bandanas have a shiny stretchy material that fits most head sizes (adults and children). Our face covers have raw edges to maximize stretch at the ends.

* Multi-Functional style - More than 12 ways to wear it - scarf, headband, bracelet, mask, headband, cap mask for men, protective mask for girls, seamless mask, hat, bandana, mouth mask, etc.

* Very good lightness and Breathability - The material transfers the heat and moisture removed from your body to the outside of the mouth, keeping you cool. The technology of quick-drying materials allows your facial tissue to dry in minutes rather than hours.

* Face protection - Wear it as a mask to protect your face from sun burns, and also offers full protection for soiled music festivals, concerts, biking, raves and outdoor sports. Shop in Amazon

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